EYEBROWS: Eyebrows may be one of the most overlooked yet most important beauty features of the face. The eyebrows add expression and definition to our face and eyes; they can frame and lift our face and eyes and bring a smile to our face. The eyebrows 'frame' the eyes and influence the total symmetry of the face.

Micro-pigmentation of the eyebrows can add fullness, shape, symmetry, and defined color tones to fair brows or to brows that have lost hair due to age or injury. Eyebrows that are too light, sparse, or nonexistent, can be beautifully enhanced and improved with micro pigmentation.  When the eyebrows are fuller and extended, you get a more youthful appearance. I use your bone structure (not a stencil) as a guide to create the most flattering eyebrow design for you. Depending on the technique and colors used, your permanent brows can have the appearance of natural hairs with the hair stroke methodology or have the delicate soft appearance of color from brow shadow. Whatever end result you desire your natural facial features will be enhanced.

The application of permanent eyebrows allows you to regain your looks and eliminates the inconvenience of applying and reapplying makeup throughout the day. Forget about what your eyebrows look like and enjoy the confidence and freedom of knowing you always look and feel great. Are you tired of drawing on your brows everyday or having them melt off on hot days? Did you tweeze or shave your brows and they simply refuse to grow back? Are your brows naturally light or sparse? If your answer is yes, then you are going to absolutely love your permanent eyebrows.

EYES: Many people will report that, when they notice someone for the first time, they see the eyes. The eyes are often an area that ages first and can age quickly, giving way to the appearances of sadness, droopiness, puffiness and hollowness. Although permanent makeup cannot repair aging eyes by taking away excess skin or wrinkles, it can improve the appearance of the eye.

Permanent eyeliner is placed in the lash line, which enhances and defines the beauty of the eyes.  You are going to be totally spoiled with your eyeliner. No more pulling on delicate eye tissue to apply or remove your eyeliner. Imagine not having smeared or smudged eyeliner. For gorgeously defined eyes or delicate eyelash enhancement, permanent eyeliner is your answer.

The color is applied using an applicator specially designed for facial cosmetic tattooing. This instrument gives us the highest degree of control for fine detailed work. Permanent eyeliner is applied with sterile supplies and topical anesthetics. Color is placed along the upper and lower eyelash margin creating a soft subtle halo around the eyes. Later, if you decide to increase the thickness and/or darken your liner we can do that during your follow-up/touchup visit (within 4-6 weeks).

What should you expect? The procedure takes approximately 2 hours of which the tattooing takes about 1 hour. Topical anesthetic is applied to desensitize the lids and make the procedure more comfortable. Many of our clients comment that their permanent eyeliner procedures are more comfortable than their brow procedures. Immediately, after the procedure your eyelids will be puffy and slightly red around the tattooed area. The amount of swelling varies from client to client but usually everyone leaves the clinic looking as if they've had a good cry. Your permanent eyeliner will appear thicker and darker initially. As the area heals you'll notice some of the color (scabs) flaking off which usually occurs during the first week. This is normal and to be expected. The end result is well worth it!  It opens the eyes and makes them “pop.”